Individuelle Neon Schrift: So gestaltest du deine eigene LED Wanddeko

Neon lettering is a fantastic idea to enhance your living room, bedroom, kitchen or office and make a statement that reflects you and your personality. NEON MONKI not only has a large selection of unusual LED neon fonts in the online shop, but also allows you to design your own personal neon font. But how does that work? What options do you have for creating your own neon font? And how far does NEONMONKI go to create your dream of an individual neon lettering? We want to address this in the following article. But this much in advance: We're going all the way!


The NEONMONKI configurator: This is how you can create your individual neon font

We understand that despite the diverse selection in our online shop, you may not find exactly what you are looking for. Maybe you want to immortalize your partner's name forever in neon along with your own. Or you and your friends have an all-time inside joke that only you understand and you want to give some credit to.

Luckily, we at NEONMONKI have developed a configurator that offers you the right solution. Here you can design your own individual neon font and decide exactly what it should look like. There are some parameters that you can determine yourself. We now want to explain these:


Size of the individual neon lettering

First you determine the size. These are the dimensions of the longest side of the LED wall decoration. The number of characters (including spaces) per line also plays a role:


  • 50 cm length for six characters per line
  • 75 cm length for nine characters per line
  • 100 cm length for twelve characters per line
  • 150 cm length for 18 characters per line
  • 200 cm length for 24 characters per line
  • 250 cm length for 30 characters per line


The configurator illustrates what your personalized statement will look like in every size. So you can experiment a bit before you decide. We even offer several different backgrounds to help your imagination even more.

Please note, however, that if your neon font reaches a certain size, it will have to be divided into several signs for production reasons. In this case, our customer service would contact you before production.


Your desired text for your LED wall decoration

Now we come to the most exciting part of the configurator and the reason why you ended up here. In the next step you can enter the text for your individual neon lettering and see how it would look on a wall. Depending on the size selected, you have a different number of characters (including spaces) available:


  • At 50 cm you can enter 18 characters
  • At 75 cm you can enter 27 characters
  • At 100 cm you can enter 36 characters
  • At 150 cm you can enter 48 characters
  • At 200 cm you can enter 54 characters
  • At 250 cm you can enter 60 characters


You can then also determine the alignment of the font if there is more than one line.


Your neon font in 30 different fonts

NEONMONKI has a selection of 30 different fonts to design your own neon font. This way you can choose a font that represents your statement with the right style.

For example, would you like to create a romantic LED wall decoration? Then we would recommend the fonts 'Beautiful' or 'Photograph'. Or do you prefer modern and minimalist? Then take a closer look at 'Arual' and 'Caviar'. We are sure that there is the right font for you too. And if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, our customer service is always available. Because one thing is certain, we have a solution for every individual request.

Design your own neon font in the color of your choice

To create your personalized neon font according to your ideas, we offer the following twelve standard colors:


  • cool white
  • warm white
  • yellow
  • Orange
  • red
  • pink
  • pink
  • lilac
  • türkis
  • green
  • Light Blue
  • blue


Here we would recommend choosing a color that supports the existing ambience of the room or event as well as the message of the desired text. Red is traditionally associated with neon font, which is why it remains a popular option. Warm white is also becoming increasingly popular as it creates a cozy, cozy atmosphere. The blue and turquoise tones definitely attract attention.

By the way, we also offer the option of producing neon lettering that can illuminate in all eleven colors - the so-called RGB color variant. If this piques your interest, please contact our customer service.


Indoor or outdoor? Decide where your custom neon lettering will be displayed!

The configurator also allows you to select in which area of ​​application the neon lettering should be used. Do you want to install the LED wall decoration in a closed room, i.e. indoors, or in the fresh air, i.e. outdoors? Accordingly, the product is customized by hand.

Please note, however, that the outdoor version offered in the online configurator is only suitable for temporary outdoor use. If you are looking for outdoor lighting that can be fully exposed to any weather, please contact our customer service. In this case too, we have the optimal solution for every individual request.


To dim or not to dim – that is the question!

NEONMONKI offers you the opportunity to order your individual neon lettering with a dimming function, which can be controlled using the included remote control. This only increases the price of the LED wall decoration minimally and is therefore actually worth considering.


What should the back of the neon lettering look like?

Last but not least, you can choose what the back of the individual wall decoration should look like. Your options are as follows:


  • Isolated: The acrylic glass is only behind each individual letter. In addition, these are connected to individual struts for stability. With this option, hardly any acrylic glass is visible.
  • Adapted: The acrylic glass is contour milled around the entire lettering.
  • Rectangular: The acrylic glass is milled in a rectangular shape around the lettering. 


Here again it depends on what is more ideal for the selected room and its wall and what room light is already available. If you are not sure, you can always contact our customer service.

As soon as you have checked off all the points and made your choice, the NEONMONKI configurator will show you the price for the product. It's that easy to create an individual neon font.


Isn't all this individual enough for you? No problem either!

Because we at NEONMONKI also offer you the opportunity to express your exact ideas using our inquiry form. You can also specify the desired size, your text, the color and the area of ​​application and tell us personally how you would like to design your neon font yourself.

We will then create an offer and a simulation of the neon font and send it to you as quickly as possible. This service is 100% free and without obligation. Express requests for delivery within a certain period of time are also possible, but should be coordinated with our customer service in advance.

For example, you can immortalize your own logo in neon or choose a completely different font. The possibilities are endless, as is the warmth of our customer service! So don't hesitate to contact us about your individual wishes.

So now you know how easy it is to create your personal neon font. Your imagination knows no boundaries! If you are still looking for a few ideas, take a look at our references. Our tip: keep it personal and timeless! Then you will never be bored by the sight of your individual neon lettering.

In addition to a wide portfolio of neon lighting, we also offer solutions for commercial outdoor lighting such as illuminated letters, light boxes, illuminated signs, etc. Our customer service is available to advise you at any time.

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