Hello everyone and welcome to our official NEON MONKI Blogging!
If you don't know us yet, here's a little description of who we are, what exactly we do and what makes us and our neon LED lamps so special.


Who we are & what we do

NEONMONKI is a young German company that focuses on high-quality lighting for indoor and outdoor use - for both private and commercial purposes. NEONMONKI produces individual and personalizable neon lamps for various occasions. Whether a company logo as a neon LED lamp, a neon lettering for a wedding decoration or simply a personalized neon sign for your own four walls. We already have the right solution ready and if not, we will find it. Because there are no limits to creativity. No matter what size, color, font or symbol. We create a neon sign exactly according to your ideas.

Light offers its own kind of fascination, it captivates you, so you can generate the most attention with attractive neon signs. Whether in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, with an individual neon sign you can create an extraordinary, modern and stylish atmosphere in your rooms.

One thing is clear to us: a world without neon lamps is unimaginable for us.


Story & idea

Now you probably want to know how NEONMONKI was founded and why we chose the area of ​​neon lighting or indoor and outdoor lighting for private and commercial purposes.

Our story begins in 2018 in Mong Kok, a district of Hong Kong where Andy and Dustin met by chance. The two of them ended up in Asia while studying abroad and as luck would have it, they ran into each other's arms in Mong Kok - in the truest sense of the word. Because it was already late in the evening and the two of them were so distracted by the colorful, flashy and trendy neon world of the trendy district that they couldn't take their eyes off it. So they almost ran into each other, started talking and everything took its course. They became friends who shared a common goal: to one day start their own company to make the world shine with the help of neon LED lamps.


There's one thing they're still missing today: the magnificent neon scene with the colorful and unique neon signs that they got to know and love in Asia. In order to enhance dreary Germany with the striking neon lettering, they developed an initial idea for their own company: They want to bring the neon signs onto the German market in order to give their customers the chance to have their individual company logo, personalized lettering and symbols and much more with a handmade neon lamp.

The first idea was to make the colorful neon world more present in Germany and Europe. This was followed by months of research and market analysis, in which they came up with an innovative neon LED technology that has a variety of advantages compared to the conventional production of glass tubes. We will write a separate blog entry on the respective advantages of the neon LED technology used by NEONMONKI.


What makes us so special?

The NEONMONKI company, the employees and, above all, the products are based on two essential pillars that clearly make us “special”. Quality and service. Both 100%. This is what we expect from ourselves personally and at the same time what we offer to all our customers - whether private or commercial customers.

For us, 100% quality means that all of our neon signs are 100% handmade, go through an intensive quality check before delivery and we work with certified and tested materials and components (CE certified, RoHS certified) to ensure the highest level of quality and at the same time to ensure safety. Each neon LED lamp is unique and is made specifically at the request of our customers.

NEONMONKI - Neon LED lamps

100% service is probably one of the most important special features, because we are available to all of our customers at any time - and that means 24/7 - via email, chat and telephone. Whether you have questions regarding design, delivery, assembly or any other individual concerns, we value our customers - whether private or commercial customers - enormously and want to give you a feeling of security and appreciation by always being in touch can accommodate us. In order to present you with a comprehensive range, we have put together some neon lights on our website that you can be inspired by. You can also try out our specially designed, free configurator to let off steam creatively. There we provide you with many different colors and fonts that you can test in various rooms. But we are particularly proud of our graphics team, which listens to your individual wishes around the clock and creates free simulations of personalized neon lights, whether lettering, logos or other motifs, so that you don't have to wait long for your dream lamp simulation.

This is accompanied by the quick preparation of offers, because it is important to us that our customers receive a realistic price idea in a timely manner. In this regard, transparency is very important to us, because with us you will not face any other hidden costs, such as customs fees, because our neon signs are shipped to your home from Germany.

But we will discuss all of these special features and many other topics in more detail in separate blog entries



We hope that we were able to give you a little insight into the unique world of NEONMONKI. In the next blog entries we will address the topics “The history of the neon lamp”, “Advantages over a conventional neon lamp made of glass”, “Areas of application of neon lamps” and “Installation and assembly of a neon lamp”. So stay tuned.

Of course, if you have any topic requests that you would like us to cover in our NEONMONKI blog, please send us an email ( or a message via Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. We're looking forward to your messages.

Until then, you can be inspired by our wide range of products, try out our free configurator or send us your wishes for a unique neon sign. We are happy to help you, because at NEONMONKI you are well advised!


Until then!


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