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100% personalizable

We can design and logo omzettes in an exclusive neon lamp of neon lighting. Our 24/7 client service works to eliminate damage to the lighting project.

Inside and outside

We produce neon lamps and neon lighting that are designed for both domestic and 100% quality - always in overeenstemming with betting and security factors.

Energy saving

All neon lights and neon signs are built using the very latest LED technology. Thanks to the use of neon lights and neon signs, there is 90% less electricity in the conventional neon lights of glass.


Yes, we can deliver neon lamps and neon lighting also by express producers and suppliers - India within 5-7 days. Do you want more information about the express option? We will then contact you directly by telephone to discuss all the details.


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Would you like to see a neon lamp with neon lighting? Wij adviseren je graag personallijk en werken semen met jou a neon sign concept op maat uit.

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