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Welcome to NEONMONKI® – your expert for individual neon lamps and neon signs especially for pharmacies! Discover how our customized, vibrant neon lighting solutions can make your business shine. Our neon lamps not only provide effective lighting, but are also an unmistakable symbol of quality and professionalism. Whether you want to modernize your pharmacy, create eye-catching advertising or simply create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers, our products are perfectly tailored to meet your needs. Immerse yourself in the world of bright colors and innovative designs designed specifically for the pharmacy sector. Experience now how NEONMONKI® transforms your pharmacy into a real highlight!

Frontlit letters

Front-lit letters for pharmacies provide an effective way to make your pharmacy visible and attractive, especially at night and in poorly lit areas.

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Backlit letters

Backlit letters for pharmacies offer a stylish and modern way to present your pharmacy in the best light while ensuring subtle but effective lighting.

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3D illuminated letters

3D illuminated letters for pharmacies create an impressive depth effect and ensure that your pharmacy stands out from every perspective and appears particularly professional.

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Are you looking for a neon sign or illuminated letters for your pharmacy? Our 24/7 customer service will be happy to advise you personally.

Indoor & Outdoor

All of our neon signs and illuminated letters are suitable for 100% indoor and outdoor use. Let us advise you now.

energy saving

Thanks to the use of the latest LED technology, all of our neon signs and illuminated letters have up to 90% lower power consumption than conventional neon lamps made of glass.


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Pharmacy illuminated advertising

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