NEON MONKI produces exclusive light boxes and light boxes in individual shapes, sizes and colors as well as from different materials. Discover the versatile light boxes and light boxes from NEON MONKI, which are perfect for effectively showcasing your advertising messages or creative decorations. Whether for business purposes or as a stylish element in your home, our high-quality products offer a dazzling combination of aesthetics and functionality. Find out more about the possible uses of our light boxes and light boxes and how they can improve the visibility of your brand or the atmosphere of your rooms. NEON MONKI stands for innovative lighting solutions that make your rooms shine.

Light boxes & light boxes

Light boxes and light boxes effectively highlight advertising and design thanks to their impressive background lighting.

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Own design/logo as a neon sign

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UV print

A light box with UV print can be used to perfectly showcase even very detailed designs.


Decorated light boxes impress with their delicate and individually designable cutouts, which create creative light and shadow effects and thus have a special visual appeal.

Both sides

Double-sided illuminated light boxes, also known as noses, provide maximum visibility from different directions, making them ideal for use in pedestrian zones and busy locations.

Special design

We can transform any design into a unique lightbox - exactly how you want it.

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Do you have any questions about our neon lamps or neon signs? No problem! We would be happy to advise you personally.

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Product description

NEONMONKI light boxes and light boxes are known not only for their versatility and energy efficiency, but also for their high-quality workmanship, which includes various personalization options. Available in variants such as flat light boxes for subtle integration, double-sided models for maximum visibility and weatherproof outdoor boxes for outdoor use, these lighting solutions provide an excellent basis for your advertising strategies. Particularly noteworthy are our advanced printing technologies such as UV printing, which guarantees brilliant and long-lasting results, as well as the ability to create individual shapes by decoupling. These techniques make it possible to create customized and eye-catching designs that effectively highlight your messages and attract the attention of your target audience. Rely on NEONMONKI to make your rooms and messages shine with professional lighting solutions.

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Own design/logo as a neon sign

Get an exclusive offer and a free simulation.

Custom Inquiry