Each of us can do our part to leave a clean planet.
We from NEONMONKI attach great importance to achieving the highest possible level of sustainability in all of our decisions and processes.

This neon light rocks! These neon lights use up to 90% less power than traditional glass neon lights!



All NEONMONKI Neon LED lamps are 100% handmade, are more shatterproof than conventional neon lamps made of glass and are 100% glass and gas-free. By using the most modern LED technology, they are NEONMONKI Neon LED lamps are more durable and have up to 90% lower power consumption than conventional neon lamps made of glass. This innovative LED technology is also used in the production of our neon signs. In addition, everyone will NEONMONKI Neon LED lamps and illuminated signs are produced according to customer orders, so that we do not unnecessarily pollute the environment with mass production. 
NEONMONKI - Packaging


We at NEONMONKI try to give every packaging material a second life. Accordingly, everyone is NEONMONKI Neon LED lamps and neon signs are packed and shipped with reused packaging material without affecting the shopping experience or packaging protection. If new packaging material is used, we try to use packaging material made from recycled materials.

NEONMONKI - transportation


We at NEONMONKI also pay attention to bWhen choosing our shipping service providers, ensure that they offer and use environmentally friendly shipping methods. 



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